The Crossroads of Appalachia and the Delta

Let The Palm in The Cypress take you down the Mississippi watershed of music.  Listen as they tell tales of travelers on the Natchez trace, turn of the century rail cars, life on vanishing small farms, deals with the devil, and lost family treasures.

With his  homemade oil can guitar, and his foot stomping out the rhythm on the suitcase kick, she rounds out the raw  blues energy with her beautiful echoing melodies out of the appalachian mountains. Raw energy and life fuels their live shows, weaving tales out of the swamps and up into the hollers.
No matter if you hear them play live in the hills of TN, the high desert of NM, or the beaches of Mexico the Cigar box guitar’s growl and the washboard’s rattle will lead you into a night of dancing in the juke joint.

Blending of the old time country music from the appalachians and the blues from the delta they meet at the crossroads of the country blues.



Recorded Live at Frogville Studios in Santa Fe, NM  July 2016

Engineered by Bill Palmer

Zoe Wilcox-Vocals, Banjo, Washboard

Bard Edrington V- Vocals, Guitars, Suitcase kick, Tambourine

Sarah Ferrell- Vocals, Bass

Greg Williams- Drums, Harmonica

Boris McCutcheon- Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica



Bard Edrington–Vocals, Guitar

 Freddy Lopez–Harmonica

Arne Bey–Drums

  Karina Wilson-Fiddle and vocals

“Heartland”  Original song by Zoe Wilcox and Bard Edrington V

“Back to Arkansas”  Original song by Bard Edrington V

“Road to Sun”  Original song by Bard Edrington V and Zoe Wilcox

“Great Emancipation”  Original song by Zoe Wilcox